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Day 1

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Departure to Khevsureti

  1. Ethnographic Museum of Korsha – Ethnographic Museum is located in Khevsureti.The museum was founded in 1983 . The number of exhibits is 456 units.clothes of women and men, agricultural and military weapons, furniture, copper vessels and photographs depicting the lives of local residents Shota Arabuli’s paintings.
  2. Lebaiskari – a monument of the Georgian medieval Georgian masterpiece, one of the samples of the residential castles house in Tusheti – Khevsureti .The Ladkiskari is a five-storey tower with floors on each of the floors. The bottom floor (gomouri) is separated for goods. In the middle of the wall, the tower has four floors with a balcony similar to a balcony. The last floor is covered with a coiled cameras , from the outside – with a pyramidal step roof.
  3. Kastani castles – The feudal age castles are located in Pirikita Khevsureti, dating back to the late Middle Ages.
  4. Shatili – one of the brilliant and unique monuments of Georgian architecture. The village on the rock was simultaneously a living and fortress, which over the centuries was preserving the northern passages of Georgia . Since October 24, 2007 , Shatili has been included in UNESCO World Heritage List.
Overnight in Shatili

Day 2

Breakfast at the hotel
  1. Anatori – the east of Nasoplari, located in the Meidan, is the seat of XI-XV centuries. Nearby there are several terrestrial and semi-terrestrial ruins of the Middle Ages.
  2. Mutso – In the village, which has been almost destroyed for more than a century, about 40 houses of a medieval fortress are located on vertical terraces at the top of the Mutso-Ardot Valley .There are currently four combat-fortress-towers and several housing destructions in the mudo. Including the legendary Torgva Fortress and tower.
  3. Vazha Pshavela house museum in Chargali – museum in Chargali village of Dusheti municipality.Museum was founded in 1961 . It contains the memorial objects related to the poet’s life and work, as well as ethnographic materials of the XIX and XX century . There are also various editions of poet’s collections. The museum also preserves pictorial , graphic and sculptural works of art, photographs and others. In the museum fund, more than 2000 units are stored.Matskhvarishi church of Savior – The Church of the Latali Savior is built in the tenth-eleventh century. From here the name of the village is called “Savior”.The construction of the church of Ten Stones suggests that Svaneti is one of the oldest bases of Georgian ethnic culture, Georgian culture, spirituality and statehood.
Way back to Tbilisi.


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Tour in Kevsureti

Tour name: Tbilisi – Khevsureti

Route: Tbilisi – Shatili – Mutso – Tbilisi

Tour type: Cultural tourism

Tour Duration: 2 days.

Distance: 350 – 360 km;